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The Know Your Place Game Game Unity / C# 07/12/2015 Play It in the browser


The Know Your Place Game

I made this game about genre violence. There is a girl called Rebecca who lives being abused by her fearsome husband. As the player, you have to help Rebecca to complete all the home tasks given by her husband. Be careful because there is no place for mistakes.

The game uses a "simon says" mechanic where the home tasks that Rebecca has to complete have a specific priority. The game ends when the tasks are not executed in the correct order.

The tricky development

Although this game has simple mechanics, its development was a bit tricky. The main nature of its mechanics is about entities passing control to other entities, and waiting for regaining it. These generates trees of events that always return to the same main branch.

The entire game flow works over a main tree as mentioned in the last paragraph. Lets say the entire game starts on a node called N_First, then this node passes the control to a second node called N_Wait that waits until the player presses 'start' to begin the game. When this happens N_First gets back the control and now it gives the control to the node N_Game, node that is in charge of passing control to the different nodes that make up the gameplay logic. This same mechanic is used until the game ends and the flow returns again to the main node N_First.

Where to find it.

Visit the URL shown above of this article to play this game for free directly from the web browser :)