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Valles' Minimalist Game Engine Game Engine C, SDL 09/21/2018 CLICK

Valles' Minimalist Game Engine

For more information visit the :) Official Site

This is an engine for 2D game development. It is a framework in constant improvement, intended for covering most of the main aspects involved in classic-retro arcade games. It offers easy ways for managing game entities, their behaviors/states, their animations, scenes, cameras, collision detection, inputs, timing, and so on...

This is a project about the fun and the beauty of programming games out of the black box, and about the challenge of improving it as well as keeping it simple and compact.

Using V.M.G.E you can create nice looking and well polished retro games; but keep in mind that this engine is currently in a primitive version, there is a lot of work ahead to turn it into a professional tool.

Development - Technologies involved

I made this engine using C language and the SDL libraries for graphics. It took me about two months of work for having the first stable version as well as all the necessary documentation.

Althoug I used C, and therefore there is no (OOP), I have made such an architecture inspired in the Actor-Component, and some other (OOP) game development design patterns.

Quick Overview

Automatic sprite sheet finder and cutter, and useful functions for creating animation-driven state machines.

Create complex behaviors using 'FSM' inspired mechanics.

Use cameras for following your characters, for creating render layers and zooming.

Detect collisions between game entities in "ENTER", "STAY" and "EXIT" modes.

Use delta timing for recovering your game flow from delays. Achieve constant updating speeds among machines.

Game entitites are automatically managed by the engine's core.

Detect keyboard inputs in PRESSED, STILL PRESSED and RELEASED modes

Play, pause, stop music and sounds. Load the media just by giving the track name. The core automatically finds your files.

Load scenes without caring about triggering the memory deallocation.

An example project made with V.M.G.E

Official Site - Detailed information

Here is a link to the official download site. There you will find detailed information about the engine. :) Official Site