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|Written by Jorge Valles - 0/24/2018|

Generate Makefiles automatically with Valles' Makefile Gen Tool

This tool scans your C or C++ project directories, and generates a Makefile that contains all those paths and source files. Then it triggers all the compilation routines.

I made this tool for my C game engine. It is intended for allowing users with few or null experience working with makefiles to compile their projects with just a click.

Remember that this tool works over projects with simple compiling requirements. If your needs are more specific you have freedom to adapt the source code of this tool. However, if you are trying to compile a robust program I recommend you a professional alternative such as CMake.


Place inside your project's root directory, the files contained in the tool's folder. Then execute the tool. After the process is completed, you will see your compiled executable in that same folder.


You must have installed MinGW 32 with 'make' and 'gcc' or 'g++ compilers (for C or C++). Then you must add the /bin folder of your MinGW installation at the beginning of the windows environment path %PATH% .


Makefile GEN - Binaries
Makefile GEN - Source Code