Jorge Valles

Programmer, Game developer, 2D Artist.
Queretaro - Mexico
Portfolio <>
Programming Languages C, C++, C#, Python, Javascript
Technologies Git, SVN, SDL, Allegro, Unity, Game Maker, Pygame, Stencyl, JQuery.
Main Programming Skills
  • Game mechanics programming as well as 2D content implementation.
  • Good sense of aesthetics for achieving nice looking programs and games.
  • Well designed programs with good architecture, flexible to future changes and expansions.
  • Good understanding of memory management when using low level languages of the high level spectrum.
Art/Animation Technologies Fire Alpaca, Aseprite, OpenToonz, Gimp, Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator,
Art/Animation Skills
  • Good technical skills for creating 2D content that is easy to implement in videogames/software.
  • Remarkable pixel art animation.
  • Good domain of animation principles for creating dynamic, smooth, and powerful animations.
  • Good 2D digital hand-drawn animation.
  • Good digital hand-drawn illustration.
  • Nice vector art.